Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Highfield is committed to both sustainable development and supporting the local community.

“I think Muga Mine could be a project that attracts newcomers to this area and therefore services. As with any major project of this magnitude, it is logical and necessary to have all the guarantees, and we know from information both in person and by correspondence that this is being carried out with all the requirements requested by the Administration.”
Ricardo Murillo
Liedena Mayor
We have been regularly informed of the evolution of the project over time and its progress in the administrative process, with a constant concern to improve the project in environmental matters and opening processes of citizen participation to receive suggestions.
María José Navarro
Sos del Rey Católico Mayoress
“The Company’s obtaining of the different administrative authorisations for the opening of the mine is a guarantee of safety and rigorous compliance with environmental and protection regulations. In addition, the Company has always reiterated its commitment to the environment and sustainability.”
Mª Eugenia Pérez
President of the Council of Rocaforte

Muga Mine community leaders with the Highfield team

Our Commitments to Stakeholders

Social Development

  • Creating an industry for the long term
  • Creating indirect employment in multiple supporting industries
  • Continue to invest in community initiatives surrounding the project


  • Developing a strong safety first culture within our work force
  • Focus on zero harm to both workers and surrounding environment

Sustainable Economic Development

  • Creating quality employment with a preference for local employees and contractors
  • Become a significant employer in the region

Minimise Environmental Impact

  • Core focus on minimising risk and impact on environment surrounding the project area
  • EsIA completed in compliance with industry best practice, Spanish legislation , IFC’s and Equator Principles
  • Implement robust and appropriate ongoing monitoring and response plans