Our Commitment to Sustainability

The Group is committed to sustainable practices and is carrying out a number of actions to align its processes and policies with international guidelines as part of its strategy to build a resilient and robust project. The Group remains supportive of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which seek to
encourage measures to build a sustainable world. We continue to work towards this vision by committing to implement a large project with integrated initiatives that contribute to those objectives, with special emphasis on our social and natural environment. 

We are currently living in the era of green transition towards a low carbon economy which requires metals and other minerals. Potash is also necessary to achieve this goal, key for fertilisers which optimise the use of land and water consumption, thus addressing a food security issue. At the same time, in order for such transition to succeed, minerals must be mined and processed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, such as Muga’s potash mineral.


Our Sustainability Roadmap


Integrate an ethical management
that considers risk analysis to
guarantee the best results for our


Adopt best practices in health and safety with the aim of guaranteeing the protection of our employees and
our communities


Ensure the best environmental
results, optimising energy use and the responsible management of resources


Encourage the participation and
communication of our communities to ensure that their expectations and needs are considered


Uphold the principles of diversity to ensure that equality is part of our corporate culture


Look for continuous improvement
through measurement mechanisms
with the aim of achieving excellence
in all our activities


Always act with integrity, honesty
and equanimity with all our


Adopt an approach that is
consistent with our vision and
corporate values in our
decision-making processes, as the
main drivers to generate value and a
sustainable outcome