Core values



We are committed to best practices in health and safety, the environment, and the communities in which we operate.


To act and communicate collaboratively with transparency, sincerity and an understanding of cultural diversity.


To seek to continuously improvement through a cycle of goal-setting, accountability, evaluation and innovation, resulting in enhanced value creation.


To uphold the highest standards in regards to ethical performance, honesty, integrity, fairness and equality with all stakeholders.


A responsible

Because we care

Starting with full compliance with environmental legislation, we will apply the most advanced techniques to ensure that our projects generate as little impact as possible on the environment, whilst also contributing to the social and economic development of the region.

Highfield Resources is committed to an overall reduction of our environmental footprint by creating and implementing stewardship systems across its operations and communities.



At the forefront of sustainability

Zero Residue Mine

All mining waste will be reutilised

Salt by-product will be obtained and commercialised

Non-recoverable mining waste will be reintroduced in the mine rooms through dry backfilling

Environmental liability. At the end of the mining activity no waste will be left on surface. The land’s previous use can be restored