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The Government of Navarra points to the Muga Project as one of the tools for the area’s social and economic development

March 17, 2021

On March 17, Maria Chivite, President of the Government of Navarra, together with the Vice President José María Aierdi and the Counsellor of Economy and Finance, Elma Saiz, presented the Navarra Territorial and Social Cohesion Strategy in Sangüesa.

This strategy aims to fight depopulation in an area with barely 10,000 inhabitants spread over fifteen towns. The Sangüesa region has lost a third of its inhabitants in recent decades. Among the objectives of the Government is to attract residents, to turn the area into a business and industrial claim, and to provide the region with services.

In addition to the Government’s own projects, the arrival of Muga Mine was highlighted as “a business project that will involve a €576 million investment, implemented in two phases, of which 60 have already been executed, and the creation of 800 direct jobs once the Mine is operative”.

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