The company

Highfield Resources is a Spanish potash developer. The Company’s flagship project is the Muga Project (“Muga”) which covers an area of some 80km2 in the provinces of Navarra and Aragón.

Competitive projects

A winning combination of key factors for success

The location of our projects is crucial to their success. The location of the deposits (Muga-Vipasca, Pintanos and Sierra del Perdón) in the Ebro Basin, in the North of Spain, provides us with some unique competitive advantages.

  • The deposits are at a depth relatively shallow suitable for conventional underground mining.
  • The proximity to markets and clients, avoiding excessive transportation costs.
  • The proximity to markets for by-products, which helps improve the overall potential profitability of the project.
  • Access to grid electricity, gas and water.
  • Availability of well-qualified labour.
  • Existence of an extensive network of roads and motorways, railway freight terminal and sea ports.