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SDP scoping a beat on forecast; PT lifted as Highfield ‘becomes’ two asset company (By GMP)

April 20, 2015

Scoping study shows US$527m NPV, 39% IRR The Sierra del Perdon (SDP) scoping study shows production of 520ktpa of KCl potash from an extracted 50/50 carnallite and sylvinite inventory of 63Mt @ 11.7% K2O over a 20 year life. Capex of US$233m and opex of US$145/t FOB (US$123/t pre-contingency) drives a company-estimated NPV of US$527m, IRR of 39%, and initial EBITDA of US$120m at US$315/t FOB Vancouver with appropriate marketing discounts and EU/Brazil premiums.

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